How to wash your beeswax wraps?

How to wash your beeswax wraps?

I often get asked about how to wash beeswax wraps so I thought I would write a few quick tips. I've also posted a video at the bottom of this post if that's more helpful. Taking care of your wraps properly is key to the lifespan of your wrap.

Sometimes your wrap is not that dirty, and in this case, a quick wipe with a damp rag is all you need. If you have no particles of food or juices on the wrap, washing is often not necessary. Say a few bread crumbs, these can just be dusted off lightly.

Beeswax wraps are meant to be handwashed only in COOL water. No dishwashers, hot water or you will have an unhappy wrap! A little bit of soap on any dirty spots, and a light scrub. If they seem quite dirty, use a bit more soap. We love dish soap bars which are milder than commercial dish soaps and are plastic free! You can use sponges cloths, dishrags or gentle scrubbers (be careful with those). The key is to be gently and protect the wax coating as much as possible while cleaning.

Next, a good rinse with cool water. The colder the water, the better the wax stays in tact while washing. All done, just hang to air dry. Drape over a tap, water bottle or lay on a tea towel. You can pat them a bit to speed up the process.

Store your clean wraps in a cool dry place for next time. Just remember cool water, gentle washing and never any heat. Keeping food particles from sitting on wraps help with the longevity of the product. Unwashed wraps sitting for long periods of time can allow mold to develop on your wraps.

Our beeswax bags required the same steps for washing. The only difference is the shape. I find it easiest to fill the bag with cold water, swish it around and rinse. Drying over a large jar or bottle, will keep it upright while drying. If you only use your bag for breads, you should not need to wash too frequently.

That's all there is to it. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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