How to use dishwashing blocks

How to use dishwashing blocks

Zero waste dish washing blocks seem cool but how do you use them? Do they even work and why are they so expensive?

These bars have been getting lots of attention lately as an alternative to traditional bottles of dish soap and rightly so. They are a great plastic free way to get the dishes done. Just like many sustainable alternatives they have been around for a long time but forgotten. It's what everybody used a hundred years ago.

Why would I switch to dish blocks?

Well, there's all that plastic that really adds up over time. The average household likely goes through at least a bottle a month. Even if you buy large bulk containers of soap to reduce your plastic waste, there's still all the nasty chemicals that makes up a bottle of dish soap. Dish blocks are usually a natural product made with only a few ingredients that are easy to pronounce like oils, salt and water. They also use way less water to produce making them much more sustainable in their production.

How do you use them?

You might be wondering how these work to get the the dinner dishes done. Well you have a few options depending on your task at hand. 

  • Get a brush or rag and wet it
  • Rub it on you dish block 
  • Scrub your dish
  • Rinse

If you have a bigger load of dishes to do you can also grate some soap into a sink full of hot water and wash as usual. You won't get all the bubbles that comes with traditional soap but your dishes will be clean none the less. If you need a little more soap, just rub your rag on the soap block.

Do they really work?

The answer is yes, they do and can be used for other household jobs too. Use them for laundry, floors, dishes or yourself! If you miss the bottle by the sink you can always grate and melt soap about one to four parts for a liquid version. If you find you need a little more grease cutting power for the odd pot or pan there's always lemon juice or vinegar. Two of the best natural cleaning tools around.

They are expensive, how long will they last?

Like many more sustainable products, the price tag can seem high but it will often last way longer. Dish blocks can last for months so they are not more expensive in the long run.

Hopefully this answers some questions. We love this easy swap. It's sustainable, non-toxic and gets the job done. It's also a great option for people with sensitive skin as it's very moisturizing and does not contain chemical fragrance.

Have you tried dishwashing blocks yet? We think they are the perfect soap for beeswax wraps too!





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