Unpaper Towels


Replace paper towels with 100% cotton flannel, reusable unpaper towels. Great for the kitchen, cleaning, napkins, dusting, windows. Roll them up or put them in a basket for easy use. Flannel is soft and super absorbent making it an awesome replacement for paper towels. Set of 8 unpaper towels.

  • quick cleaning in the kitchen
  • hand wipes
  • placemats
  • household cleaning
  • 100% cotton single-ply flannel wipes
  • size 12 x 10"

CARE + WASHING: Machine wash with like colors, air or tumble dry. Not pre-washed so shrinkage can occur. Will become more absorbent with washing and drying. Can be composted when no longer usable.

Handmade in Ontario, Canada


Customer Reviews

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Diane Kihn
Thanks for the fast delivery. They are a...

Thanks for the fast delivery. They are a Christmas present for our daughter. She will love them. Thanks.

Ellie Maggio
These are gorgeous! They are so nice, I di...

These are gorgeous! They are so nice, I didn't want to wipe up spills with them - they could totally be used as napkins/serviettes at the table! But I finally brought myself to use them to clean up a spill, and they are super absorbent (and so pretty and soft)! They are also considerably thicker than some other cloth 'paper' towels I've tried. Definitely recommend.

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