Beeswax Food Wraps - Maker's Choice Single Medium


Keep all your food fresh longer, plastic free!

Prairie Bee Wraps are a reusable beeswax food wrap that replaces plastic wrap and baggies. Much like a natural skin or rind on fruit, beeswax wraps allow your food to breathe. No more slimy produce!

Just use the pressure of your hands to cause the wrap to stick. Wrap up fruits, veggies, cheese, greens, breads and so much more.

Assorted print wrap in medium 10" size


Wash in cool water, with a mild soap, if needed. Great for use in the fridge or freezer. Not recommended for storing meats. Each wrap will last 1 year or longer with proper care.

100% cotton, SK beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil.


Customer Reviews

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Laura N
Love it!

Is perfect for my sourdough loaves and I love they come from a Canadian company! They managed to ship it out faster than expected too so that’s a huge bonus for me!

Bread maker must have

We love our bread bag! It fits a large sourdough loaf and keeps it moist for a while! We’re so happy with our purchase!

First time user

I’m so happy with these wraps. I’ve used these for rushing bread dough and they’re great! It’s such a good feeling to reduce the use of plastic wrap in my kitchen, both for economy and health. Very pleased!

Janet Bowers
Love these bags

The bee wax bags are the best. They keep yeast breads, banana breads and the like fresh for several days. I use the wraps for cheese and vegetable items. I feel like I’m doing something good for the environment too. The bags and wraps are easily washable in tepid water. I’ve used mine a lot, for over a year now, and they are still useful and in good condition. I take care of them as instructions state. I recently ordered the wax disc to refresh or restore (not the right word) longevity of the bag / wraps just to have on hand.
The bags/ wraps are well worth the price because quality is excellent and I really feel like I’m doing something healthy for myself, my family, and the environment.

A whole new world of possibilities....

I'm super impressed with my bread bags and wrap. They are easier to use than expected and keep things fresh better than I thought they would! I'm so excited to have less single use plastic in my home. I will definitely be getting more. I am working on a mini-clothes line to dry them after washing....LOL. Would love to see a smaller version of the bags!

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